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Imad Bazzi

Award winning Advocacy & Communications Expert

Over 15 years of experience in building capacity of individuals, activists and organizations worldwide.

Over the past years i have been working as a resident expert, independent consultant and a mission leader, there has been numerous stops along the journey, most notable are:

  • Foreign Policy Magazine Recognition – most influential in the Mediterranean.
  • Two times Reporters Without Boarders Nomination (DW- BoBs)
  • Brass Crescent Award Nomination 2011
  • Nations United Most Influential Figure Nomination 2013

I continue to offer services to organizations and institutions on freelance and short term basis, with a wide range of services from consultancy to oversight and training.


Based on years of work experience and academic research, The very customizable and adaptive Advocacy & Campaigning training module offers the capacity and knowledge needed to analyze, strategize, and execute influential campaigns online and offline.

With over 16 years of experience in the field, hundreds of case studies, and a flexible interactive learning approach, the communications training module offers trainees the needed know-how and expertise to build and deliver effective messaging, internally and externally.

From literature reviews to SWOT analysis, to team build-up and good management, this training module offers organizations the much needed guidance on building an effective work-flow and review process, the training includes pre and post assessment and coaching for best results.

Conflicts can happen anywhere, whether it is among peers or managers, departments or units, external vendors, or even with teams on field, this highly interactive, emotionally smart training module offers the chance to learn the skills needed to resolve, deflate, and prevent workplace conflicts.

Whether you are an activist, an individual, or an organization looking to create a secure environment for you or the data to handle, this training module is for you. It starts with simple cyber-behavior tips to professional software to boost your security and protect you from constant online threats.

Other consultancy services include strategy building, need assessment, inspection and evaluation visits.


My portfolio includes consultancies, training services, and contracts with various prestigious organizations and entities around the world.
This is a glimpse of CSOs, organizations, institutions, donors, and entities I’ve worked with over the past 15 years.