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Changing how people perceive and interact with causes.


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Training & Consultancy

Offered on consultancy and contract basis


Based on years of experience and academic research, this customizable and adaptive Advocacy & Campaigning training offers the capacity and knowledge needed for teams and entities to analyze, strategize, and execute influential campaigns.


With 16 years of experience in the field and a flexible interactive learning approach, the communications training module offers the needed know-how and skills to build and deliver effective messaging and message delivery tactics.


From literature review, to SWOT analysis and team building, the development module offers organizations the much-needed guidance on building an effective work-flow and review process, inclusing pre- and post-assessment for best results.


Conflicts can happen anywhere. Among peers, managers, departments, or external parties. This highly interactive, emotionally smart training module offers the chance to learn the skills needed to resolve, deflate, and prevent workplace conflicts.

Social Media for NGOs

A non-profit approach to social media, includes audience building, analysis, reading metrics, ads, messaging and building effective online presence for advocacy and fundraising.

Learn how to use powerful tools to fund your projects online.

This training module is highly interactive and tailored at your specific needs as an organization, it includes capacity building, critical thinking and the use of all tools you need.

Career timeline


Amplify Voices Alliance

AVA's mission is to create a global community where we are our own megaphone.
2019 - Current
Director of Advocacy

International Network for Aid, Relief & Assistance - INARA

INARA’s mission is to fill in the gaps in access to life changing medical & mental health services.
Founder / Spokesperson
Kelna Sawa

All Together

All Together was a nation-wide awareness campaign against COVID-19 in lebanon.
2017 - 2019

American University of Beirut

Lecturing on Social Media and Campaigning. Regional External Program.

Présidence du Gouvernement Tunisien

Presidency of the Government of Tunisia.
2016 - 2019
Acting CEO

Beirut Center for Middle East Studies

BCMES is a MENA think-tank conducting strategic research and projects on rule of law, transparency, accountability and good governance.
2016 - 2018
Founder / ED

Beirut Center for Middle East Studies

BCMES is a MENA think-tank conducting strategic research and projects on rule of law, transparency, accountability and good governance.
2011 - 2016


Menapolis is a research and programmatic consultancy and think-tank based in Istanbul, Turkey, and Tunis, Tunisia.
Advocacy Consultant

United Nations Development Programme

Assisting Libya in writing its first constitution.
2014 - 2015
Aljadeed TV

Al-Jadeed Television

A Lebanese Television station broadcasting from Beirut.
2012 - 2014
Media Consultant
IWPR Tunisia

Institute for War and Peace Reporting

The Institute for War & Peace Reporting (IWPR) empowers peoples voices at the frontlines of conflict and transition to help them drive change.
Scouting Officer

United Nations Mission in South Sudan

United Nations peacekeeping mission for South Sudan.
ICT 4 Peace

Information and Communications Technology for Peace

ICT4Peace is a policy and action-oriented international Foundation. The purpose is to save lives and protect human dignity through Information and Communication Technology.

Independent High Authority for Elections

A government agency in charge of organizing and supervising elections and referendums in Tunisia.
Outreach Manager

Towards Citizenshop

Nahwa al-Muwatiniya seeks for Lebanon a democratic society based on social justice, knowledge, and an economy in harmony with the environment.
2007 - 2009
Communications Officer

Greenpeace International

An independent global campaigning network, working to ensure the ability of the Earth to nurture life in all its diversity.
2003 - 2006
Project Manager

Sustainable Democracy Center

Sustainable Democracy Center is a non-partisan, independent organization raising awareness on democracy, citizenship, and human rights.
2006 - 2007
Country Representative

Dansk Folkehjælp

Danish People's Aid actively helps marginalized communities around the world as well as victims of both man-made and natural disasters.


Award Winning Activist and Advocacy Expert with focus on Human Rights, Emergency Relief, Rule of Law, Good Governance, and Refugees.

I have over 20 years of experience leading, planning, and executing advocacy strategies, communications campaigns, and conducting needs assessments for NGOs around the world.

Awards & Nominations

  • Lebanese Minds, Lebanese Hero Award (Winner) (2016)
  • Foreign Policy Magazine Recognition – Most influential figure in MENA (2011)
  • Reporters without Boarders Nomination (2011)
  • Second Place Reporters without Boarders Award (2009)
  • Nations United, Most influential Award – Nominee (2013)
  • Portland Communications Recognition – most influential figure in Lebanon
  • Three times Deutsche Welle Nomination (2009 – 2011 – 2013)
  • Brass Crescent Award, Nomination (2010)
  • Arab Bloggers Forum Award (2008) Winner


2024 Protecting Children from Social Media Addiction

2023 Pioneers رائدات

A bibliography on influential Lebanese Women from 1880 to 2018

2020 Helping your child overcome Cyberbullying

A guide for parents and caregivers to help children overcome cyberbullying

2016 On Lebanese Land - فوق أرض لبنان

A book on untold stories from Lebanon, from 1800 till 1975

2014 Behind the walls of Beirut - خلف أسوار بيروت

2014 Beirut International book fair Best-Seller in its category. The book rewrites the stories of Beiruti charachters from 1800 till 1977

What others say?

“Mr. Bazzi brings together a unique combination of skills and expertise. A skillful expert in social media platforms and an advocate at heart, he is the right person to support those interested in improving their communications & advocacy.”
Farah Choucair
Project Manager, UNDP Regional Programme
“Mr. Imad Bazzi is a great asset to any organization. His unique approach, connections, critical thinking and dynamic work plans and knowledge of the political and humanitarian situation in the region is very good. It was great working with him"
Aleksandar Radosavce
Head of International Emergency Response, Danish Peoples' Aid
“Imad is a reliable trainer and consultant who is always ready to go the extra mile. his knowledge of the humanitarian sector is profound, and is always able to provide insights on the best practices with his "Swiss watch" like accuracy!"
Hassan Jenedie
CBD, Trust Consultancy and Development. Turkey & Pakistan

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