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Advocacy Expert
Lecturer & Consultant

Award winning activist and Advocacy Expert. Founder of Empower Advocacy. Recognized by Foreign Policy as one of the most influential people online in MENA. University Lecturer & Public Speaker. Ex TV & Radio show host.
Award Winning Activist & Advocacy Expert.

Over the past years I have been roaming different counties as a resident and independent consultant, I have worked on several projects with many organizations around the world, throughout this journey I have earned recognition and awards for my private and professional work, most notable are:

  • Foreign Policy Magazine Recognition, Most influential figure in the Mediterranean (2011)
  • Reporters Boarders Nomination for BoBs Award 2009
  • Deutche Welle Nomination BoBs 2011
  • Brass Crescent Award Nomination 2011
  • Nations United Most influential figure Nomination 2013
  • Lebanese Hero Award 2015


Offering basic & advanced
training on several topics.


Based on years of work experience and academic research. Advocacy, lobbying & outreach training modules are highly interactive.
Including two modules, internal and external communication. It is considered essential and critical for any team or group.
Whether you are building a team, or re-strategizing your goals for an existing one, this training is what you need to set your goals.
Years of experience in the field, learn how to use social media to meet your marketing and advocacy campaign goals.
Activists, organizations, or even individuals, digital security is one of the most important skills & practices you need to learn.
Consisting of two main modules, public speaking / debating, and lecturing skills, learn the basics of sparking discussions & attention.
Customized and tailored training sessions on a variety of subjects including public speaking, rule of law, media monitoring, and more.
  • 01.
    Research & Planning
    • Short or long term contracts based on availability, offering resident assistance for teams in researching & planning advocacy campaigns, strategies, literature reviews, field studies and more.
  • 02.
    Content Building
    • A highly interactive series of sessions, one on one meetings, and work group activities aimed at building concepts and producing material and literature content.
  • 03.
    Need Assessment
    • Experienced in field and need assessment pre-and-post mission, work evaluation, team monitoring and over sighting.

“Bazzi brings together a unique combination of skills, expertise and experience. A skilful expert in social media platforms and an advocate at heart, he is the right person to support those interested in improving their communications and advocacy skills.”

Mr.Imad Bazzi is a great asset to any organization. Hard working, intelligent, well connected and willing to take initiative”.

“Imad is a reliable trainer and is always ready to go the extra mile. Imad is also a “learning” trainer that prides itself on its culture of training and explorations of best practices in his sector. It has been a pleasure to work with him, where accuracy and timeliness are key parts like in a Swiss clockwork”.


Various publications by Imad Bazzi


Behind the walls of Beirut (2014)
The book features untold stories from the history of Beirut, with unique drawings and charming details, You can buy at all major bookstores and online on the link below.
On lebanese land (2016)
The book features historic stories from Lebanon, during world war one till Lebanese independence, the books is available at major bookstores & online below
Dealing with Cyberbullying
A detailed guide on dealing with cyber-bullying & online harassment of minors and underage internet users. the guide is in Arabic and is a must read for parents
Advanced Advocacy Toolkit
A detailed booklet on managing modern advocacy campaigns, the book is exclusive to students & trainees attending at least 80% of the workshop
Digital Security Handbook
Handbook about tools and strategies for safe and better online practices, the handbook is exclusive to the attendees of Level II digital security training
Phone Call
Skype call
Skype ID: imadbazzi