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Freelance Consultant
Public Speaker

Award winning activist & advocacy expert, with focus on Human Rights, Project Management, Rule of Law, transparency and accountability & Social Media. Recognized by Foreign Policy Magazine® as Most influential figure in MENA 2011. Founder & Executive Director at Empower Advocacy.

Years of Experience

A cosmopolitan journey between different careers & countries, as a resident expert, independent consultant, and mission leader, there has been numerous stops, most notable are:

  • Foreign Policy Magazine Recognition
  • Lebanese Heroes Award
  • Reporters Without Boarders Nomination (2009, 2011)
  • Brass Crescent Nomination
  • Nations United Nomination


Finding Simple Solutions
to Complex Challenges


Based on experience and academic research, Advocacy, Lobbying, and Outreach training modules are highly interactive and efficient.
Moduled and customized based on need assessment, Communications & Conflict management training are important to any CSO.
Building and reforming work-team and campaign strategies, for effective workflow and campaign sustainability at any entity.
With years of experience & excellence in the field, learn how to design and implement powerful social media strategies based on deliverables.
Activists, CSOs, and Journalists, digital security is a must have knowledge to protect your personal and work data from misuse.
Public speaking skills are very important to individuals, entrepreneurs, public figures and campaign leaders for exaggerated influence.
Custom tailored training sessions on a variety of subjects, all subjects are accredited & based on extended academic research & field experience.
  • 01.
    Research & Planning
    • Short or long term contracts based on availability, offering resident assistance for teams in researching & planning advocacy campaigns, strategies, literature reviews, field studies and more.
  • 02.
    Content Building
    • A highly interactive series of sessions, one on one meetings, and work group activities aimed at building concepts and producing material and literature content.
  • 03.
    Need Assessment
    • Experienced in field and need assessment pre-and-post mission, work evaluation, team monitoring and over sighting.

“ Imad Bazzi brings together a unique combination of skills, expertise, and experience. A skillful expert in social media platforms and an advocate at heart, he is the right person to support those interested in improving their communications and advocacy skills.”

“ Mr. Imad Bazzi is a great asset to any organization. Hard working, intelligent, well connected and willing to take initiative“

“ Imad Bazzi is a reliable trainer and is always ready to go the extra mile, it has been a pleasure working with him, where accuracy and timely actions are the key “


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